Civil Appellate Services in Colorado


An appeal is often your last chance to fix an unfavorable verdict or court ruling.  Thus, it is vital to have counsel who has experience, not only with arguing appeals, but also as someone who has worked within the appellate system.

Colorado Appeals Lawyer Asa C. Garber has represented clients on appeals in state and federal courts, including the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Washington Supreme Court.  He has also worked in the Washington Supreme Court, acting as a law clerk for Justice Richard B. Sanders, and clerked for Federal District Court Judge Curtis L. Collier, who sat on the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals by designation.  Mr. Garber’s insight into how judges approach cases and render decisions allows him to target your appeal to that line of thinking.  Put simply, to effectively persuade someone, you need to speak that person’s language, to know what types of arguments are most likely to work.

In addition to accepting new clients on appeal, Colorado Appeals Lawyer assists attorneys who are looking for experienced, appellate co-counsel where their clients are involved in an appeal.

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