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Asa Garber

Asa Garber


We fear most what we do not understand. That is why my approach to law is not just representation, but education. There are no guarantees or certain outcomes in litigation. But you should always be certain what your attorney is doing for you and why.

After graduating magna cum laude from Duke University School of Law, I began my legal career at McKenna Long & Aldridge, LLP in Washington, D.C. There, I worked on litigation and appellate matters, including white-collar criminal defense and constitutional issues in the context of corporate liability.

Yet the core of litigation and appellate work is understanding how the courts operate and how judges think. Therefore, I spent my next several years learning just that: clerking for three federal judges and a justice of the Washington Supreme Court.

Utilizing that knowledge, I ran my own private practice for four and a half years, representing clients at trial and on appeal in the State of Washington before state and federal courts, including the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the Washington Supreme Court. My civil practice focused on employment issues and constitutional violations.

Meanwhile, my personal life led to a choice: move to Colorado or live a lonely, miserable existence. Braving weather that involves snow and sunshine in the same day, I joined my partner in Denver, where she runs a non-profit literary organization, Tethered by Letters. Once here, I joined McCarthy Law, LLC—a firm that shares my dedication to fostering an informed clientele.

In addition to legal practice, I enjoy teaching at St. Martin’s University, where I instruct students—primarily military personnel and their families—in business law, education law, criminal justice, and economics. Teaching began as a natural outlet to further share my legal knowledge; now, it also informs my ability to explain matters to clients and connect with juries.

Kieran McCarthy

Kieran McCarthy

Attorney and Owner of McCarthy Garber Law, LLC

With complex corporate structures, liability waivers and disclaimers, and indemnification agreements, fully addressing a company’s liability protections is essential in litigation. Therefore, I lend my knowledge and expertise in business organization and transactions to Colorado Appeals Lawyer.

I currently work primarily with start-ups and growing businesses with my firm, McCarthy Garber Law, LLC dba Colorado Startup Lawyer assisting in organizational and transactional work. There, I focus on providing legal services to the startup community.

Previously, I worked for a large law firm in Denver—Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP—representing large corporations in complex, multi-million dollar transactions. There, I worked in the number 1 ranked litigation department in the country, according to the American Lawyer, in a variety of practice areas including complex securities, labor, class-action litigation, and appellate law. I helped develop the firm’s business formation guide for the Micro Business Development Center of Colorado; I was on a team that successfully litigated a $40-million venture capital dispute; I worked closely with the former chief legal officer of the Department of Labor, and I took multiple depositions with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.