Civil Appellate Services in Colorado

How to Choose and Hire an Appellate Attorney

A star football player doesn’t necessarily make a good coach; a trial attorney may not be an ideal appellate attorney. The skills best suited for each can be very different. Make sure you or your business has an attorney well-versed in appeals. Here’s a good article by Larry Ebner of Capital Appellate Advocacy PLLC discussing […]

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5 Ways People Lose Their Valid Legal Claim

Unfortunately, being the victim of an unlawful action does not mean you can or will recover compensation from the parties responsible.  Here are five reasons people with valid legal claims still fail to receive compensation for their losses: 1. Statutes of Limitations When a person is a victim of a wrongdoing, the law provides a […]

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Are You Liable for Your Dog’s Barking?

are you liable for your dog's barking?

What You Don’t Know About Negligence May Surprise You On August 5, 2013, in Adams County, Colorado, an eight-year-old boy was hit by a van while fleeing two barking pit bulls.  The pit bull owner was not held responsible for the boy’s injuries.  These facts illustrate an important and often misunderstood limitation on negligence claims: […]

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What You Should Consider Before Filing a RICO Claim

Do I have a RICO claim?  What you should consider before filing a RICO claim. When you’re the victim of a scam, you have many legal options you can pursue.  Each option has its own positives and negatives. Many instances of fraud—where a person or business uses false or misleading information to scam a person […]

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What is RICO & How To Defend Against It

Defending against a RICO action –or– What is RICO and why am I being sued for it? RICO is an acronym, standing for the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.  In a nutshell, it’s a complicated set of laws that is targeted at groups of people or businesses who are part of organizations that scam/defraud […]

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How to Appeal Your Case in Colorado: Part 2

Part 2: How to appeal your case in Colorado -or- How do I get a mistake or wrong verdict corrected?” If you lost at trial and in your first appeal (or if you won your trial but lost on appeal), you are likely considering whether you should appeal again.  This appeal would require you to […]

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How to Appeal Your Case in Colorado: Part 1

Part 1: How to appeal your case in Colorado -or- “How do I get a mistake or wrong verdict corrected?” Our legal system, with all its rules and procedures, is aimed to produce the right result.  It is not perfect.  Sometimes, a trial results in the wrong outcome. If you find yourself in that situation, […]

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What is Appellate Law?

An appeal is a stage in the court process.  A timeline of the litigation process follows: The Event: A bad thing happens: -A person is fired from her or his job due to that person’s race or for “blowing the whistle” on illegal conduct of an employer. -A police officer violates a person’s constitutional rights […]

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