Civil Appellate Services in Colorado

Wrongful Termination

You’re a hard worker and took pride in your job.  Suddenly, you’re being fired.  You may feel confused at what happened or embarrassed at being fired.  You may have reported an unsafe work condition, racist or sexist conduct, or other issues where you honestly believed the company would be grateful for that information.  Instead, the company decided it was cheaper to fire you than to fix the problem.

If you’re still in shock over being fired, wondering what went wrong, contact Colorado Appeals Lawyer for a free, fifteen-minute consultation.  We’re happy to listen to your story and explain to you what the law can provide.  Before you sign that waiver of your legal rights the company wanted you to sign before it issued your last paycheck (or even if you already signed it), know your rights.  Don’t let the company make you the first of many victims of unscrupulous business practices.